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Gardening Guide (Friend helped me)

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Gardening Guide (Friend helped me)

Post by Cool Bingo on Sun May 23 2010, 06:09

One bean combos

Laff-o-dil - green
Dandy Pansy - orange
What-in Carnation - pink
School Daisy - yellow
Lily-of-the-Alley - cyan

Two bean combos:

Daffy Dill - green, cyan
Chim Pansy - orange, cyan
Instant Carnation - pink, yellow
Lazy Daisy - yellow, red
Lily Pad - cyan, green

Three bean combos:

Summer's Last Rose - red, red, red
Potsen Pansy - orange, red, red
Hybrid Carnation pink, red, red
Midsummer Daisy - yellow, red, green
Tiger Lily - cyan, orange, orange

Four bean combos:

Corn Rose - red, yellow, orange, yellow
Giraff-o-dil - green, pink, yellow, yellow
Marzi Pansy - orange, yellow, yellow, red
Freshasa Daisy - yellow, red, cyan, orange
Livered Lily - cyan, orange, orange, pink

Five bean combos:

Time and a half-o-dil - green, pink, blue, pink, pink
Onelip - violet, red, blue, violet, violet
Side Carnation - pink, red, green, blue, red
Whoopsie Daisy - yellow, red, orange, orange, orange
Chili Lily - cyan, red, red, red, red

Six bean combos:

Tinted Rose - red, pink, orange, red, orange, pink
Smarty Pansy - orange, pink, pink, orange, blue, pink
Twolip - violet, red, red, red, violet, violet
Upsy Daisy - yellow, blue, cyan, violet, blue, blue
Silly Lily - cyan, red, violet violet, violet, violet

Seven bean combos:

Model Carnation - pink, green, green, green, green, yellow, green
Crazy Daisy - yellow, green, red, orange, green, green, green
Indubitab Lily - cyan, violet, cyan, blue, cyan, blue, blue
Car Petunia - blue, violet, blue, violet, cyan, blue, blue
Stinking Rose - red, cyan, orange, pink, violet, cyan, cyan

Eight bean combos:

Hazy Dazy - yellow, blue, violet, cyan, violet, red, orange, violet
Dilly Lilly - cyan, blue, yellow, yellow, cyan, blue, yellow, yellow
Platoonia - blue, pink, pink, blue, red, orange, yellow, yellow
Istilla Rose - red, blue, violet, violet, blue, blue, pink, blue
Threelip - violet, yellow, yellow, violet, yellow, orange, violet, yellow


Donald Statue plant with- green, green

Mickey Statue- silver, silver, silver, silver

Minnie Statue- violet, violet, violet, violet, violet, violet

Mickey Fountain- orange, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange

Take care and max gardening!!!
Cool Bingo

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Re: Gardening Guide (Friend helped me)

Post by Andrew on Sat Jun 05 2010, 11:12

oh thx this could help alot!!!

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Re: Gardening Guide (Friend helped me)

Post by Debbie on Sat Jun 05 2010, 15:44

Difference from this and mine o.O?
Clan Moderator
Clan Moderator

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Re: Gardening Guide (Friend helped me)

Post by Sponsored content

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